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Subject: Clam Rake
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T.G.I. custom builds stainless steel and mild steel clam rakes for the aqua-culture industry. Many have told us that our rakes are superior to any others they've used. For a price quote click here.


Our Mechanical Sweepers will save you time and money by reducing your labor costs. We offer three types, air compressor-driven, air cooled engine and hydraulic. Contact us for a price quote.


Subject: Mechanical Sweeper
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Our Clam Picks, fabricated from stainless steel features a wooden handle with a rubber grip.
Our Net Grabbers come in different lengths, are made from long-lasting stainless steel and are easy on your nets.

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Subject: Culling Hammer

Our Culling Hammers are simply tough and priced affordably.

Our stainless steel baskets are about the same dimensions as a galvanized basket, but they last much much longer saving you money.

Subject: Stainless steel Baskets

Our box harvester has become more popular than our clam rakes because you can harvest more clams in the same amount of time.
Aquaculture Links:
Clam Rakes | Mechanical Sweepers | Box Harvesters | Baskets



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